Wednesday, January 19, 2011


peace be upon you..

in the next approximately 80 minutes, i'll head to the airport.. 
it's time to leave..
departure at 6am..
somehow, i feel empty, yet sad.. and broken.. why?
i'm supposed to feel extremey happy, right?
MALaysia bebeh! MALaysia!! yeay..................................
so, why on earth i feel like... hmm... moonstruck? haha.. no lah.. just rasa terpuruk..
kenapalah kan..
adakah kerana chest pain few days back?.. sheesshh! jgn chest pain lg..
pls hold on.. till i'm in malaysia - at least i'm surrounded by the hearts.
my excitement,, where did it goes?
pernah rasa tiada hati? rasa tawar bukan? huhu
yeah, itulah yang dirasakan sekarang - tiada hati.

hati saya di MALaysia..
sebab itu sakit dada lately..
dada kosong..
kena pulang ke pangkuan MALaysia, baru terisi.. terisi dengan keterujaan dan kegembiraan dan kebahagiaan. kan? huhu.
yeah, baru bersemangat.. pulang! pulang!

alrite, enough.. should start packing.. tehee~ bye2 indonesia.. see ya next month..

"You're not a mistake,
 You're my happiness without you knowing it,
 With you -- I feel safe as a baby,
 You are the light, yes, you are,
 Without you knowing it."